The DevSecOps Approach

Business leaders always have a major concern regarding the vulnerability of their data platforms to data theft. Organizations having end-to-end control of their customer data are afraid that digital solutions will lead to introducing too many variables, which are not under their control and it takes one security breach to lose the trust of your customers.

Where and How It All Went Wrong?

Though the IT infrastructure has evolved enormously in the last decade, there was no equivalent advancement when it comes to the security issues and compliance monitoring tools. Also, the cybercrime attacks have increased at an alarming rate. It is important to ensure adequate security measures at every stage starting from inception. Leveraging DevSecOps in your business has a direct positive impact, as it helps manage these potentially devastating challenges.

What is DecSecOps?

DevSecOps is a way of approaching IT security with an “everyone is responsible for the security” mindset. The goal is to incorporate security into your organization’s pipeline – in all stages of your software development workflow. 

What is the difference between DevOps and DevSecOps?

These two differ only from the security perspective. Consider, if you are adding the security elements right from the beginning of a DevOps approach, then it is DevSecOps. The need for security from the beginning was felt more crucial due to cyber crimes and thus, DevSecOps came into being.

Benefits of DevSecOps

  • Your security team will function with greater speed and agility
  • Change requests and new requirements are addresses quickly
  • With top security implementations at every stage, the final product is highly resistant to vulnerabilities 
  • Quality assurance for builds happen faster and with greater automation
  • Any issues or vulnerabilities with the code can be discovered at the early stage and fixed early

How to implement DecSecOps

  • Use agile methodologies to deliver code in small, frequent releases 
  • Integrate automated security tests wherever possible
  • Empower developers to suggest critical security changes
  • Be in a continuous state of compliance
  • Train developers to write secure code

Wrapping Up

DevSecOps is a growing trend among organizations of all sizes. For anyone worried about data security, it’ll be heartening to know that DevSecops is the preferred solution for cybersecurity problems. DevSecOps enable the enterprises to achieve the success they deserve while taking care of security that’ll ensure peace of mind. At Acarin Inc, our top-notch DevOps teams operate with efficiency that gets solutions to market quickly, with zero compromise on security. Get in touch, to discuss how you can put digital innovation on the fast and safe track, with us.