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Acarin is a key Databricks Technology
partner in the Public Sector.

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accelerators globally

Data Discovery Workshop

Data Discovery Workshop


Projected Total Cost of Ownership

Data Integration Approach

Communication Strategies to
onboard stakeholders

Databricks Licensing Approach

Possible use cases

Data monetization strategies

Data Governance and
Security strategies

Duration: 8hrs
Data Engineers, Business Analysts, and Executives

Agile Data Engineering Workshop

Collaborative data inventory assessment workshop with our templates and assessment guidelines.


Roadmap for Continuous Value
Generation Every Two Weeks

Data Accessibility &
Integration Approach

Tailored Data Engineering Fabrics

ELT Pipelines Guidance

Data As A Service Approach

Duration: 24hrs
Technical and DBA team members

Use case Identification Workshop

Use case Identification Workshop

Let’s leverage our expertise and proven templates to rapidly enhance value generation from your data resources.


Databricks Accelerator use
cases on the Cost Vs Value

High-Value Data Analytics
Use Cases

Use Cases for Revenue and
Cost Optimization

Defined Success Criteria

Duration: 8hrs
Business Team

Databricks Accelerator


Demonstrated Quantitative Business
Value Through Use case Implementation

Established Data Governance with
Unity Catalog

Source Code & API Management

Operationalized Data
Development Ecosystem

Databricks Setup on AWS or
Azure Cloud

Integrated and Operationalized
Data Ingestion and Engineering

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