We Provide Business Leaders with Cloud & Devops Services

Do you need to ensure that software is delivered quickly and consistently, and of high quality? DevOps is a software development methodology that encourages close collaboration between software engineers and IT operations personnel.

It accomplishes this by automating and optimizing IT processes. Our DevOps engineers will work with you to fine-tune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system using microservices architecture, ensuring that your business strategy is always supported by high-quality software.

Our Devops Services

Application Management

Improving efficiency by using agile methodologies to accelerate innovation

Cloud Services

Maintaining cloud infrastructure to speed up business development processes

Mailing Services

Determining email recipients & controlling default delivery settings in DevOps groups

Infrastructure Automation

We offer IT infrastructure automation to speed up and streamline IT operations and take business to a higher level.


Offering regular monitoring from planning, development, integration, testing, deployment, and operations

Support and Maintenance

Our technical DevOps expertise, nothing takes a higher priority than client satisfaction. To makes sure that happens we offer support and maintenance.

Our Devops Process

Enterprise Agile Planning

Organize your plans, ideas and work requests with Acarin Plan. Sync your work with ALM tools like Jira and Azure Boards. Keep all work activities tied to a user story and collaborate with your team via Slack.

Continuous Integration & Version Control

Say goodbye to change sets and merge headaches — and say hello to User Story-driven CI/CD pipelines. Use Version Control to track changes to code, configurations and other elements. Leverage Acarin’s low-code Visual Editor to tailor page layouts around the way your team works.

Automated Testing, Security & Compliance

Harness the power of low-code test automation and quality-driven pipelines to safeguard new code before it’s released. Our Quality Integration Framework seamlessly integrates any testing tool into the CI/CD pipeline with built-in quality gates in your definition of “Done.” Leverage Acarin Compliance Hub to verify each change you make.

Continuous Delivery & Data Integration

Deliver code changes across your development, testing and production environments. Deploy both simple data and complex changes like Salesforce profiles and manual setup steps. Acarin groups changes into user stories and automatically builds each release based on the user stories you deploy.

Value Stream Management & Analytics

Manage the end-to-end development process via Value Stream Maps to identify quality, speed and workload issues. Use built-in Salesforce capabilities to create your own reports and dashboards.

Technology Stack









Case Study

The Company

A leader in health Insurance. The government health insurance company’s IT infrastructure was aging. They needed a way to align IT goals with their business goals of increasing their financial strength, growing their franchise business, and improving operational effectiveness. The client wanted to release full deployments in the Azure DevOps cloud ecosystem.

The Challenge

Technology team experienced failed builds and software releases due to outdated TeamCity, and Octopus Deploy versions and configurations in their environments and wanted guidance in achieving a proper DevOps CICD pipeline structure.

The Solution

Acarin proposed to modernize the TeamCity and Octopus Deploy build and release tools so the latest features could be utilized and the software could be in a vendor-supported state.

The Benefit

The client is now able to successfully build and release in their environments with little to no errors. Additionally, the client's development team was educated on best practices on how to build and release software with updated tools, so they could successfully move forward with successful deployments to production on their own.

The Company

ImmiSMART is a comprehensive, market-leading talent mobility portal for travel managers and global mobility professionals. Global travel visa services for employees for their personal visa and passport needs. They were working with old deployment software that was leading to errors during deployments.

The Challenge

The client had a complex manual process for modeling the availability of processing facilities. They wanted a way to automate the manual processes their engineers have to go through to assess a factories processing availability.

The Solution

Acarin proposed using Visio as part of the POC application. In this application, we developed functionality to process their complex algorithms used to drive their availability modeling process. Clear Measure also used Visio to build diagrams of these facilities.

The Benefit

The client can now model the availability of a system using Visio and automatically calculate system uptime with the click of a button. Previously, the client had to break a system model into subsystems by hand to calculate uptime which required hours of time and modeling expertise. In the area of DevOps, the client can now develop, build, and release entirely within the Azure cloud ecosystem.

The Company

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology was established in 1986 to foster and advance the discipline of veterinary dermatology globally. The company was looking to modernize their systems and change the experience. They needed architectural support to help them achieve this while equipping their development teams with be er tools and methods

The Challenge

Deployments were executed manually by copying and pasting les onto servers. This process was hours of work for the IT professionals on the team. They had to do deployments at night after activities were completely idle.

The Solution

Acarin helped the client with a DevOps solution to automate deployments and track work items. We assisted them in using continuous integration with Octopus Deploy, and they now use Sumo Logic and New Relic for reports and monitoring.

The Benefit

Their pages were able to load faster. In addition, they enjoyed having automated insights into their system health so they could prevent problems and errors before they start. This saved the client time and money by not having to x problems after they occur. They Octopus deploy conguration allowed them to initiate mid-day deployments which saved hours of time that was usually spent after hours.