QA Framework

Quality Assurance (QA) Tool is about the process and operational aspects of certain QA aspects of Acarin Inc. QA Framework will be the method used to monitor the quality of a product to reach its full potential. This will help to create a bug free, fully-equipped hassle-free product for better business outreach.

QA Framework Components

Every Quality framework must include an improvement model (cycle) that consists of 4 components:

Plan – Implement – Monitor – Improve.

Users Group

Business Analyst Automation/DevOps Engineer who will be setting up our framework for the business analyst

QA tests fall into various categories

Exploratory Testing - Exploratory testing is more about following your gut and testing whatever you may think of at the time

Functional Testing - Functional testing focuses on the features within a product and making sure they meet requirements

Localization Testing - Localization testing verifies that a product works as intended with different languages, currency and time zones

Performance Testing - Performance testing measures how fast a product performs and identifies any bottlenecks in the system

Security Testing - Security testing ensures that your application is secure and doesn’t pose risk to personal information or private data.