Mobile App Development and Strategy

Mobile App Development and Strategy

Acarin Inc. helps companies enable mobile channels that enhances customer loyalty, company branding, buld customer engagemnt that can potentially monetize into a revenue generated opportunity, product/service awareness and advertising  catering to customer’s  location based feature enablement, along with mobile strategy and advisory.

Acarin Inc has an enthusiastic team of experts in mobile application development, buisness advisories that are the backbone in enabling the mobile channel a reality for their customers.

Technical Capabilities
  • Location based
  • Local Storage
  • Sensor Based

We tailor the mobile technology stack in meeting your business objectives effectively.

Mobile Application Development and Strategy

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we help automate their business and build Mobile Applications in exciting domains.

  • Ordering Services, that includes account creation, product selections, shopping cart, pricing, catalog, coupons, checkout, payment, one click ordering, converting Mobile advertisement into new customer base.
  • Case Management Services, 360 degree case management and analysis capabilities, offline editing and storing, digital signature and multi-media capturing.
  • Data and evidence collection,  Mobile based survey templates, offline storage, data validation, content routing, sensor based data capturing, device hardening and real time data sink.
  • Mobile Analytics, mapping user interactions and converting that into business value in converting the potential customer base, cross-selling and upselling.
  • Health  Insurance, Patient data collection, Insurance plan management, user account management, user communication management and Enrollment.
Mobile Offerings and Strategic Partnerships
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Acarin’s Strategy and Project Management helped us deliver high-quality IT applications, on time, to our state and commercial clients. Acarin’s UX/UI team always delivered exceptional mobile and web applications with the best user experience, which was always beyond my expectation.

Mobile UX Services
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